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I am very much discouraged and confused! I went to an interview yesterday for FNP program (live in FL). In this interview we were told that the job market isn't good for FNP's and that it may be better out of state. I am now very much confused to what to do. I know I don't want to be a staff RN forever. I love working with patients and strive to have more power and decision making when it comes to my patients care. However, I don't want to invest into this program if I'm not going to find a job. I have been working toward becoming a CRNA at one time but I thought FNP would be best for my personality. My co-workers have told me they don't think I will be happy as a CRNA because of the lack of patient interactions because they consider me a "people person". I am now thinking of applying to an Acute Care Practitioners Program since critical care is my speciality. Any advice from other NP's would be appreciated as you can tell I'm am very much confused to what to do.

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Being a new FNP grad I would encourage you to find the program that meets your goals. Being an ER nurse for many years, I also debated between FNP and ACNP. I am so glad that I completed the FNP program. The main question I found is "Do you want to work in the hospital or outside the hospital?" I knew for sure that I wanted to work outside the hospital and enjoy working in the community. The FNP program worked well for me. I have many friends that are in the ACNP program currently that want to work in the hospital and they are very happy with their choice of ACNP.

As far as the job market for FNPs, it is growing daily. When I started the program 4 years ago there were many jobs posted, the numbers then dipped low and now have increased again. I have many opportunities to apply for and am excited to get started.

Good Luck with your decision and make sure to ask the instructors at the school where you are thinking about applying. Currently at the school I graduated from, the FNP program has a waiting list due to the high demand and not enough instructors.

Take Care and Follow your heart!

Thank you... I feel that I would like to move away from the hospital. I have worked outside of the hospital for a while and I enjoyed the different work atmosphere... Hospital administration is getting crazier by the day :uhoh3: If you don't mind me asking... what state do you work in?

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I am in Illinois.

Interestingly, I too thought about CRNA prior to FNP. I am glad with my choice. I liked your comment "My co-workers have told me they don't think I will be happy as a CRNA because of the lack of patient interactions because they consider me a "people person"." I too am told the same.

Good Luck with your decision. It can be a difficult one to make but rewarding in the end! Make sure to ask all of the questions that you might have!!

Keep in mind that with the passage of the Affordable Care Act earlier this year nurse practitioners are considered a cornerstone to being able to give care to so many Americans that will be insured in coming years. It may seem slow now but hang in there everybody and their stepmother will want to be a NP when its all said and done. Not to mention the bill calling for states to restructure their laws regarding NP independence. If not now you will eventually be able to start your own practice and hire yourself.

Thanks for your input! I am happy to say that I have been accepted into the FNP at the school that I interviewed at. I am going to continue my path as a FNP and keep my head high and forget the negativity that I heard at that interview. I love being a nurse and helping others! I think I will make a great FNP no matter what speciality I chose! :yeah:

I do have another question:

I currently work in a stress lab moving to our OP holding for the cath lab (will be working 3-12 hr shifts no weekends or holidays)... Should I transfer back to the ER??? I'm looking at experience and the different kind of patients I will be seeing in the ER. Plus possible working weekends so that when I begin clinical I will have more days off during the week. I have been a nurse for 5 yrs and have worked in CCU/MICU, ER (both adults and peds), cardiac tele, and OP PACU.

Don't be so discouraged! Health Care is moving in a new direction, and Advanced Practice Nurses will be a huge part of the movement. Family Nurse Practitioners are going to be some of the most utilized Practitioners. This is partly because the number of family practice doctors coming out of medical school is dying off. It is also because Nurses as professionals are pushing for more advanced practice. While there may not be many FNP's in Florida, I can tell you for sure they are needed in many other areas of the country.

I am also surprised they are so brutally honest with you regarding the job market. They certainly are not doing themselves any favors by telling their prospective recruits that the job market around here sucks. Why would anyone even bother going to school there if the job market sucks.

Instead of telling their recruits not to look for jobs in the area, they ought to be encouraging them to open up practices, and integrate themselves into the community. I guess that's a separate issue though.

I don't think you should be discouraged by what one group is telling you. If you want to go for FNP, then I think that is what you should do, because there are jobs available in the country (if you are willing to move), and there will be more opening up in the future.

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