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Discharging patients from the hospital

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Hi All!

I am a medical student at Boston University School of Medicine who is working with a group trying to design a better way to discharge patients from the hospital to post-acute care facilities. I have found that care managers do a tremendous job in getting patients placed where they need to go, but the system is not perfect. I would love for anyone here to fill out a quick survey so we can crate a solution that makes the jobs easier for case managers and improves quality of care for patients!


Thank you and feel free to message me if you have any comments/questions for me.


Improved medication reconcialtion, ensure DME and pulmonary treatments are ordered and delivery confirmed, ensure there is a physician who is available and willing to give orders for changes in condition.

Can't tell you how many times there are significant medication issues.

Head desk everytime a patient is discharged home on respiratory tx's without either the solution or the nebulizer.

We can manage early symptoms and reduce readmissions if we have an MD who is both familiar and available but so often the out patient physician won't give orders because they haven't seen the patient for this episode or even in months, and sometimes years, and the attendings won't assist in managing the patients post discharge. It's ridiculous how often this occurs with CHF patients when they're a focused group.


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