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Hi. I have a question. I am very new to case management. What happens when you arrange discharge equipment and supplies for a patient going home from the hospital. How do you make sure they have everything they need ? What happems if zI forget to order something?I am almost freaking out over this and wondering if I made a mistake accepting this position.


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It depends upon the admitting problem... ortho issues, oxygen needs... If it is DME they require, I depend upon the PT/OT notes to tell me what the pt requires.. walker, wheelchair, etc. If its Oxygen, depend upon the saturation evaluation, which must be documented ambulating sat, resting sat etc. I always check to make sure the stuff is acutally delivered and on site BEFORE the patient leaves. Hope that helps.

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I appreciate your information.


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I work for a large metropoliton hospital. The best way to anticipate needs, is to talk to the patient and the family, caregiver and ask, a hone call is very apropriate for a demented family member . What do you already have, give suggestions based on PT and OT assesssment and then ask if they have any equiptment, where is it from. Private insurers can tell you where they have made claims, not so with medicare for DME. For home care in medicare, it comes up as to which company is on board.

I usually do not know of needs until the day of discharge. I always try to arrange delivery the day before or the day of, but many times it is not delivered until the next day, the only exception is home O2. It must first be delivered to the hospital, patient instructed on the use of it and then they call the DME company and let them know they are physically home. Always give the patient the # of the DME company, with what is to be delivered. Also, make sure when you get medicare patients, that you ask the DME company how much the patients financial responsibility is.Inform the patient. ie: ordered a commode for a patient, the 3 in 1 commode is 100 dollars, the patient is responsible for 20$., This avoids surprises for the patient and the family when billed from the DME.


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In our intake assessment we do, we are required to ask if they currently own any equipment, DME, O2 use, and with what agency. If patient can't tell me, I have to ask family. Also, Medicare only will reimburse for 1 walker in a lifetime, so if Aunt Kate wants another oine, she'll be purchasing it, unless it just needs wheels, Those, PT can retrofit to the walker, if it isn't too old a model. We are also required to have a choice form signed, so no conflict of interest can be assumed ( since our hospital also has a DME company).

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