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Discharge instructions

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I've been put in charge of making up a standard discharge form for the doctors to fill in on the computer so they can't write orders like "meds as at home" etc.. Anyone have suggestions or know where to go to get templates?

Do you have an existing form? The best way to convert to computerized forms is to work off of current forms. If you dont have a current form we have one that works pretty well at our facility (paper form)...contact me and ill get it to you somehow

We have one but they aren't happy with it. Would be happy to see yours. If you can scan it in my email is; patchwork@globaldialog.com Or contact me and I'll send my address.


I've looked at policies, guidelines, and standards from various resources, and here's a summary of what needs to be provided at discharge:

Attending doctor's name and phone number


Follow-up doctor, phone number, appointment

Referrals (home care, social worker, therapist)


Activity level



School or Work

Medicine: what, why, when, how much, possible side effects

Treatments (wound care, cast care, medical devices, etc.)

What not to do

Precautions to take

Recognize problems and how to respond:

Possible side effects, how to respond

Possible complications, how to respond

What to do if symptoms don't improve or worsen

Of course, discharge teaching should be done throughout the hospitalization, during every interaction with the patient and family. So this is really just a summary of what the patient has been taught already.

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