Discharge after conscious sedation

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How long do you keep patients after having a procdure with conscious sedation? What is your conscious sedation protocol?

The BRN in California has a position on concious sedation. The RN must be trained and have validated competency. The patient must be staffed as a 1:1 with continuous monitoring of O2 saturation, cardiac rate and rhythm, BP, respiratory rate, and level of conciousness. Immediate availability of an emergency cart which contains resucitative equipment and antagonistic medications, airway and ventilatory adjunct equipment, defibrillator, suction, and a source for administration of 100% O2 must be included. The patient must be fully awake, able to protect his/her airway, able to drink, and have voided before discharge. My facility requires at least four hours to have elapsed since the last dose of IV medication. The RN assigned to the patient must notify the MD if not certain the patient is ready for discharge and refrain from sending a patient home until examined by the MD if there is any question about the condition.


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