WHY isn't something being done?

  1. Some of my earliest memories are of being smuggled into Crouse-Irving Hospital in Syracuse NY when I was 5. I was told that I had to sit quietly in the chair if I wanted to visit my Dad...If the nurses saw my feet under the curtain I'd be asked to leave, because you had to be 16 to visit the ICU. In 1976, those were the rules...although the kind and wonderful nurses careing for my Father probably did more to smuggle me in than the rules would allow- My 24 year old Father was a NYS Trooper, who was given the Swine flu vaccine. 2 days later, as he was putting on his gun belt, he found that he couldn't raise his arms- Things quickly went from bad to worse, and he was admitted to the hospital with progressive paralysis from GB that eventually reached his neck. MONTHS my Father battled this disease, and was one of the first to receive steroids....in hopes of decreasing the swelling caused by the vaccine.
    I've been a Nurse in NY for the past 17 years- Have NEVER had the Flu, or a Flu shot.The NYSDOH weren't happy with the amount of Health Care Workers who volunteered to be immunized, so they decided, QUICKLY AND QUIETLY, without representation or giving NYSNA advanced warning, that it is MANDATORY> If you work in a Hospital, it IS MANDATORY....or you can quit, OR be fired.I love what I do, but rest assured, I also HAVE to work in order to support my family. I live in Central NY- too far to quit and go to another state to work.... I'm not allergic to eggs, nor have I ever had a bad reaction to a flu shot. SO WHAT are my options????? Put up or shut up basically. I feel that I have NO RIGHTS in NY State. The patients I care for don't HAVE to have the Flu shot, but I HAVE to get both the regular AND H1n1 vaccine. Isn't ANYONE fighting this in court???? Where is our Nursing Lobby????? Where is the outrage if 73% of educated Health Care workers are against FORCED vaccination?
    I tolerate the day to day challenges of being a nurse. Working short, with too many regulations, not enough time to spend with my patients, endless repetative charting, abusive family members, out of touch administrators....not to mention working 12 hours without time for a bathroom break, let alone being able to grab lunch. All of that garbage, and I still try to take care of my patients as I would want someone to care for a member of my family- I am OUTRAGED that NYS has taken away my rights to practice as a nurse, after all of my hard work for licensure and my years of experience....Unless I cave to their demands. I have no choice about what goes into my body. EVERY nurse in EVERY state- beware. YOU could be next.
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