UK - Docs Unnerved by Patient's Decline


    Swine flu cases make up 17% of pedi ICU beds in some areas. Over half of the deaths are in people under the age of 45. This is most unusual for influenza.

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    The number of people in intensive care with swine flu has reached its highest point yet, with 99 people currently in critical care beds out of a total of 506 in hospital.

    Sir Liam said intensive care specialists have told him privately that they are 'unnerved by the severity off the illness and how quickly it can develop'. He said some patients are 'getting into a life and death situation very early on'.

    The number of patients in intensive care has risen from 74 last week. The proportion of patients in hospital who are in critical care has remained at around 12 to 13 per cent since the outbreak began but is now been at 20 per cent for two weeks.
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