Post your flu field reports please

  1. Has your health care setting seen an uptick in the number of people coming in with flu-like symptoms? Have you heard reports from friends in the health care profession?

    I heard the very last part of a program on NPR's Talk of the Nation today where medical personnel were invited to call in and describe the situation at their hospital or clinic. One ED physician said that his ED is seeing quite a few people come in the last few days with what appeared to be true flu symptoms. I don't remember his location, but think it was in a western state. He didnt say if they had test results on any of those folks yet.

    A couple of other docs called in and said that they are seeing lots of people who are more in the "worried well" category.
    It takes days for testing results to come back diagnose this new flu, and even the basic flu testing is not being done in some clinics. I thought that it may be useful for us to describe what we see, so that we can stay a jump ahead of the news.
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