Novel Influenza Outbreak (H3N2v) in Ohio and Indiana, August 2012

  1. Novel Influenza Outbreak (H3N2v) in Ohio and Indiana, August 2012

    Last year the CDC recognized a novel influenza strain now known as H3N2v (see this thread). In the past month this strain has infected more than 200 individuals, mostly children who came in contact with swine in county fairs in Ohio and Indiana. No one has died and only a few cases have been hospitalized. It is not clear whether this outbreak will spread human to human. Allnurses readers should continue to monitor the outbreak as it may affect working conditions for all HCWs later this flu season.

    Serological studies show that individuals from 20 to 40 years old may have some cross protective immunity to this strain. Young children and the elderly are susceptible. Last year's trivalent vaccine and 2012-2013 vaccine will not provide protection because the H3N2 component of the vaccine is not a good match for this novel strain.

    More information at:

    CDC: Interim Information for Clinicians about Human Infections with H3N2v Virus (August 10, 2012)
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    Interesting, it so happens that I received the same information from CDC & it's laying on my desk at work....Aloha~
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    Novel H3N2v: Limited human-to-human spread

    Over 200 people have been infected with the H3N2v influenza virus in a number of central states in the USA. Previously the CDC reported that these infections occurred among people exposed to swine at state and county fairs.

    New Development

    Today the CDC acknowledged that ther has been some limited human-to-human transmission of this novel influenza virus. We should all continue to watch the evolution of this flu virus. There is no vaccine for it and, as noted in the first post, the H3N2 strain in the 2012-2013 vaccine will not protect against it.

    For more see: CDC - Seasonal Influenza (Flu) - New Cases Reported, Limited Person-to-Person Transmission Detected
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    There's now quite some confusion about the flu names.

    Seasonal influenza A, subtype H3N2 (spread: human to human)
    Variant influenza A, subtype H3N2v (spread: pigs to human) (as for now, limited to the U.S.)
    2009 Pandemic influenza A, subtype H1N1 (spread: human to human)
    Avian influenza A or bird flu, subtype H5N1 (spread: birds to human, or rarely human to human)
    Avian influenza A or bird flu, subtype H7N9 (spread: birds to human, rarely (?) human to human)
    Collection of information from CDC about different types of flu and common cold

    Swine Flu

    Currently, the term swine flu is used for:
    - flu in pigs and
    - variant influenza (H3N2v) transmitted from pigs to humans

    2009 Pandemic flu H1N1 was for some time called swine flu, but not any more.