Medical Examiner: H1N1 Deaths Understated


    No surprise here. This is just from one county in the US where the medical examiner has taken the time to explain why the dx was not made earlier. His report is very helpful in understanding this phenomenon.

    We've been noticing and commenting all along that some cases were only diagnosed at autopsy.

    Quote from

    DES MOINES, Iowa -- Iowa has officially recorded 21 H1N1 deaths, including seven in Polk County alone. But the county's medical examiner said he has performed autopsies on some residents who were never diagnosed with H1N1, but actually had it.

    "In the autopsy, what we're seeing is very heavy, wet hemorrhagic lungs, lungs with a lot of blood in them," said Dr. Gregory Schmunk.

    He said the official count of seven H1N1 deaths is inaccurate, but patient rights laws prohibit him from giving specific numbers.
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