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Anyone else upset by the requirement to take flu vaccine or else... not even a mask option??? Only way out is a MD note stating "severe" allergy. Why is it we can't force our patients but our... Read More

  1. by   dcookRN
    The studies listed are far from adequate. They look at too few factors over too short a period of time on too few people. The unfortunate fact that fish and commercial foods are also contaminated is only evidence of a broader problem resulting in poor health outcomes. How can you compare food or driving a car to forced vaccines? And personally, I don't eat fish or commercial foods. I chose to work for a hospital that does not require flu vaccines for employees. Vaccines change, as new ingredients are added and others removed. Do you really believe the long-term effects of injecting vaccine ingredients on a yearly basis are known? We should have a choice to NOT be injected with aluminum, formaldehyde and god knows what else on an annual basis. No entity should force drugs of any kind on people. This is an essential aspect of freedom. If you choose to put your kids in public schools, and the school decides to start vaccinating 12 year olds for HPV without parental consent, do you also view that as a choice you are making? If you want an annual flu vaccine, you have the choice to get it. And everyone else should have a choice as well. If you limit your research to the CDC, you are placing unnecessary limits on information available.
  2. by   dcookRN
    Deciding to be a nurse does not mean we decided to be vaccinated annually for the flu. In reality, the family member in the situation you would be concerned about would be at greater risk from a vaccinated employee or visitor that lacked basic infection control knowledge and/or PPE and training. Or maybe it would be the contaminated stethoscope, BP cuff, etc that resulted in the spread of disease. If going into nursing involves keeping our patients, families and ourselves healthy maybe we should mandate better food and lifestyle choices. After all, heart disease, obesity and related diseases kill far more people than the flu, and the same factors certainly contribute to a weakened immune system, overall poor health and increased risk of contracting an infectious disease. Vaccinated people catch and spread the flu regularly. It seems the most effective means of preventing the spread of disease deserve the resources.
  3. by   dcookRN
    If it weren't for employees standing up for their rights, do you think "the man" as you put it would pay overtime, give adequate sick days, or good insurance benefits? As far as I can tell, nurses are the single most involved and needed employees at the hospital. Seems voicing our thoughts and standing up for our rights would be a good thing?
  4. by   imjustme123
    Quote from FlyingScot
    This is the attitude that gets me. Just because I get the flu shot in no way means I am unable to think for myself. I am not a sheep. I did the research for myself and it convinced me that for ME getting it was the right answer. Lose the smug attitude and maybe we can have an honest, intelligent debate.
    I am not trying to be smug. Sorry if I came off that way. It's just the constant pressure of "take it or leave school" or "take it or get fired" etc. that wears on a person. It's easy to get an attitude when a person is forced to change their life plans because we are not allowed to make our own decisions. I really have no issue with people taking the flu shot if they have looked at the evidence and still want to. I would just like the same respect.
  5. by   NicuGal
    We had mandated flu vaccines, and guess what...we had the flu sweep thru our unit like wildfire starting in December and still going. At least we aren't as sick as we could have been.
  6. by   olddragger
    how do you know?
  7. by   imjustme123
    Quote from olddragger
    how do you know?
    I was wondering the same thing.
  8. by   IndianaHH
    This was released today. Swine flu vaccine linked to narcolepsy. Just for discussion state for all those who repeat the mantra that the shot is 100% beneficial, that it is worth the risk. Insight: Evidence grows for narcolepsy link to GSK swine flu shot - Yahoo! News
  9. by   olddragger
    wow. Thanks for sharing that.
  10. by   dcookRN
    Exactly! How can you know. When they say the flu shot is 62% effective, they are counting effective as including those who were vaccinated and got the flu anyways but did not require hospitalization. It is very poorly executed, presented and is quite misleading.
  11. by   dcookRN
    The flu vaccine is approved for pregnant and nursing women, and the package inserts for most varieties clearly states these populations have not been studied, yet approving it for them certainly implies safety. Patients deserve quality safety studies for any drug they are given, as to most people, it is assumed that drugs are proven safe or they would not be given. There is more than adequate evidence that pharmaceutical companies commonly produce drugs that end up killing and harming people, aggressively market them, after approval based on safety studies they perform themselves. In the case of vaccines they also aggressively lobby to get them mandated, and have absolutely zero liability should someone be harmed, which has happened plenty of times. There is risk associated with any drug, including vaccines. Many nurses choose to work at facilities that do not require flu vaccines when they are hired, but the policy is changed at some later point. When a nurse is given a drug, they ARE a patient.
  12. by   BSNbeDONE
    I have never had the flu vaccine nor have I ever had the flu. I've been in nursing for 27 years this year. My father, retired Army SGT, had to have the vaccine and of course, he got the flu every year. My brother, a Navy commander, has to take the vaccine and of course, he gets the flu. My kids and myself, we NEVER get the vaccine, and I'm blessed to say, we've never had the flu. My kids are grown now and make their own decisions. They choose not to get it. In our family, our evidence-based theory is working a whole lot better for me and the kids than it is for my brother and my dad.......just saying......

    Whether the vaccine causes the flu or not, my take on it is, "if it ain't broke, don't fix it". Sometimes it pays to leave well-enough alone.
  13. by   mariebailey
    Quote from NicuGal
    We had mandated flu vaccines, and guess what...we had the flu sweep thru our unit like wildfire starting in December and still going. At least we aren't as sick as we could have been.
    Good point. There is plenty of research to support the likelihood that, even if the flu vaccine did not prevent the flu altogether, it may have reduced the severity of it. This is legitimate assumption.