Interview for Emergency Preparedness

  1. Hi All,

    I just competed a MSN with an emphasis in public health and am now applying for various roles that will allow me to use my degree.

    I applied for a Emergency Preparedness Nursing role and was asked to submit a writing sample prior to my interview. As a new grad, I'm curious to know if I should write something new or submit something I've written for school.

    Any advice is helpful.
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  3. by   SiwanRN
    Good luck in your interview! What kind of writing sample are they looking for? The nurses in my health department whose roles touch on emergency preparedness often have to do technical writing around things like the health department's protocols for emergencies or standing orders (epinephrine administration post- anaphylactic reaction to a vaccine allergy, for example). They also are sometimes involved in writing for the public, such as brochures that describe what to pack in an emergency kit. Once in awhile these nurses will also have to do a policy analysis to look at national guidelines/requirements and see how our health department protocols stack up and write recommendations for changes. Once you figure out what kind of writing they are looking for, that will help you determine what you should send.

    Let us know how your interview goes!
  4. by   Trams
    Thank you. I only have limited experience as, I just completed a MSN degree and am looking for a position that will allow me to use that degree. So far, obtaining a position that allows me to use my degree has been challenging, since I do not have experience in any advanced nursing roles.
  5. by   mapelle
    Hello, i have an interview for a Band 6 next week and have to do a topic is, Under the current financial restraints for the NHS what challenges do band 6's face in maintaining and delivering quality health care.i am quite confuse on how to approach these,and what is expected of me.I would really appreciate your advice on these.Many thanks,