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Direct entry NP programs

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Can anyone please share their thoughts about such programs?  Which program if you could share you attended?  

Also, can it be done part-time?

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verene is a MSN and specializes in mental health / psychiatic nursing.

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I applied to a variety of programs from ASN to direct-entry programs and graduated from an ABSN/MSN program. 

There are pros/cons to taking this pathway (just search the forums and you will find many opinions). As I posted on your thread in the Student NP forum knowing which specialty you are interested in and if you have any geographic limitations will make a difference to program recommendations.  It would not be helpful to recommend a school which you are unable to move to attend or a school which doesn't offer the specialty you desire.

Direct-entry programs are intense and you should expect the first 12 months (at least) to feel like an accelerated BSN program (because even if they don't award separate BSN this is essentially what the initial phase of the program is) meaning, full-time study where a student should expect to make school their primary obligation (i.e. anticipate 50+ hours/week commitment). Following this -- after obtaining RN license is where programs vary - some have a "gap year" where students work full time as RNs for a year, some drop to part-time study (or allow the option) and others continue on as full-time MSN or DNP programs. 

If your thought is to work along side school the whole way through I would recommend against direct-entry -- particularly in the first year as there is not time to hold more than a very part-time work position and meet school obligations.

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