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Direct Entry MSN vs ABSN

by FVC FVC (New) New

Im looking for some advice!

I have a bachelors in health sciences and switched career paths from PA to nursing and I am hoping to continue my education later on for either DNP or CRNA.

I was accepted to a direct entry MSN program at Miami Regional University in which I would graduate with MSN entry level RN and also accepted to Nova ABSN in which I would graduate with my second bachelors but now in nursing, RN too. 

1. Does anybody know anything about the MRU program? 

2. Is it really hard to find a job with an MSN RN degree but no experience? (Since this is entry level RN and not advance practices, it is mostly leadership track) 

3. Does it really matter to have a MSN vs ABSN if in the long road my goal is DNP?


One more thing, the MRU program is not competitive, this is not a known or “recognized” school, but it is accredited. Does it really make a difference having a degree from a known university if at the end of the day you pass your licensing exams?



Hi! I graduated from MRU's BSN program. I cannot tell you much about the MSN program but I do know that it is very flexible & less intense compared to other schools. I believe classes are only offered 1-2x per week. I'm not sure about clinical placements or anything related to the actual education. Some of the same professors that taught the BSN program also taught the MSN program. Some were good some were bad it all depends who it is. It is also much cheaper and shorter than other schools in the area. Their MSN program is competitive in terms of random applicants applying compared to people that have attended the school for their ASN or BSN. 

I haven't had any issue finding a job as a new grad that graduated from there. That was actually my biggest worry during nursing school but everyone told me as long as you have a license you should have no issue. This school is becoming more popular because it is not competitive to get into the BSN program compared to every other school where there are waiting lists so it's expanding. In interviews, I was never asked anything about the school or its accreditation. No one cares what school you attend as long as you have a license, a reasonable GPA, volunteer work, etc.