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Direct Entry MSN Advice - JHU or Rush U

by pattycakess pattycakess (New) New Pre-Student

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Rush seems more practical (20k cheaper, CNL), but I am still interested in JHU for reputation, access to research opportunities, and honestly bragging rights (I've never gone to a top ranked anything in my life). Rush is already online for the fall, while JHU is planning to try to be in person for the fall currently. JHU seems a bit gimmicky with a #1 ranking, but a 50% acceptance rate and astronomical tuition. Wondering if either program is worth at the risk of a bad COVID Winter and losing clinical opportunities (if I knew this would happen I would wait and reapply). Would really like to get feedback from people who have completed the programs, made similar decisions, people who have done direct entry MSN degrees....

Hopkins - $95k after small scholarship; the 'best'; prefer to live in Baltimore to Chicago, especially with COVID; appears to have more interesting research within the school; have no announced online classes for the fall (1 practicum course)

Rush University - $75k; graduate as Clinical Nurse Leader (as I understand this is a couple dollars an hour pay bump in some states); large city not preferred; already announced online for fall (1 practicum course), but would save on rent for another 5 months by taking classes remotely.

Enarra, BSN, RN

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With nursing it doesn’t matter what school you go to as long as it’s a legit accredited school. Name brand means you’ll have more loans or pay more but if money’s not a issue the get what you want. Companies will not pay any more for a new hire that came from Ivy League vs public / state university

Me I got accepted to both Ivy League and city public college for MSN nursing informatics fall 2020. Tuition of a public university is a fraction of the costs of an Ivy League education. so I picked CUNY public. Why pay more than you need to. Best of luck