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Hi guys,

I am a 30 year old male with a previous bachelor's degree in a non nursing field. I was going to just get a second bachelor's and then go into the masters program to do what I want which is psychiatric NP. But then I discovered the direct entry masters program for those who already posses a non nursing BA! I thought it was the answer to my prayers but then I discovered THE COST! They want $80 grand just for the darn bachelors and then I have to pay for the masters! Thats OUTRAGEOUS! That's more than I paid for the 5 years it took to get my first degree (went to CC first then university)!

So I'm wondering are there any more disadvantages I should know about with these direct entry masters programs. Would it be better just to enter into an accelerated BSN program and then just go for the masters? Also it's not so easy to find programs that offer the specific specialty that I want which is PMHNP. So I was wondering if I should just become an FNP and then get a post masters in the specialty with psychiatry.

There's a plethora of information out there on the web so I'm really overwhelmed if anyone could offer some guidance it would be appreciated.


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Yikes, that's steep! I would see if you can do an ABSN program, and then do a separate PMHNP program, for which you may have to move. You can work as a BSN-prepared nurse in psych. What do you want to do with a PMHNP? Are you up for pursuing psych as a major instead of nursing? That might be another path to consider.

Side note- I wish guys didn't feel the need to point out their gender. Gender has little to do with nursing. If you do pursue nursing, please don't refer to yourself as a "male nurse" or a "murse." You will be a NURSE! :)


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LOL ok but Murse sounds funny!

I want to be able to prescribe medication which is why I want to go into PMHNP.