Dilemma. Trying to go from PCU to HHC... Advice please.

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The problem is I want to entirely leave the hospital setting and go into home health yet keep my monthly income relatively the same (I am full time no benefits, night shift). One company wants to start me per diem with a few clients a week and suggests I keep my hospital job for now. In addition I have an interview on Wednesday with another HHC company. I am practically a shoe-in for that one and am told they will also start me off slowly. The bottom line is do any of you work for two different HHC companies at the same time? And is it feasible, practical, and workable?


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I am signed on with four home health companies at present and right now none of them have me working. It is quite common for hh nurses to be with as many as four companies at once in order to have a full schedule (or overtime, as the case may be). If you want full time work, you would do well to go with shift work rather than intermittent visits. You can be placed on a case that entails 40, 48, or 56 hours a week. Or you could get a combination of regular clients that add up to 40 hours a week. Up to you and the caseload of the agency. I would keep your hospital job until you get established in home health. You don't want to be out in the cold if you find that you just plain don't like it, or nobody in town can give you enough work. Hope you are happy in your choice to go to home health.


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Thank you for the prompt reply. So people can possibly work 2 or more HHC jobs. Wasn't sure if I would be "offending" an employer with having to adjust schedules with that of other companies. I have a per diem coworker who works at my hospital who got me interested. We have spent hours chatting about the HHC world. Very informative. It looks like my cup of tea... Thanks once again!


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Home health companies are used to their nurses going from one company to another and being with more than one at one time. Just as long as you don't get caught "stealing" a case from one agency and "bringing" it to another agency. Do that and let them find out you are involved in the move, and you will have problems. If an agency wants to keep you all to themselves, they will insure that you have all the work that your little nursie heart desires and they will make sure that the case(s) are the kind that you like. They will also pay you more than the other agencies pay you. So don't worry about being with more than one agency.

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