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Hi all,

I have a dilemma. Recently, I have been searching for a beginner level job in a hospital or doctor's clinic to get used to the healthcare environment. Well, I found a patient care tech position on the internet at a local hospital. It would be PRN and the only requirements listed were a high school diploma. Sounds perfect, right ? Well, the only thing is, I won't have my high school diploma till about June 04. But positions like these in my area only come around once in a very long time so I would really like this but there is that one major hold back. I completely understand why they won't hire anyone w/o a high school diploma so is there any reason for me even to attempt to pursue this job ? What are your thoughts ?


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It never hurts to ask. The worst thing that could happen is they say no. If you aren't 18 then they might not hire, I haven't heard of minors being hired in a hospital.


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It never hurts to try. I've seen High School seniors working in the afternoons and evenings where I work. As pt care techs, secretaries and runners/transporters. As the previous poster said, the worst thing to happen would be they say no. Good luck.


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tennurse267, do you work in a hospital ?? If so, which one, because I am also from TN ? That is encouraging to know that there are some high school seniors working in the medical profession. Because in Memphis, TN it sure seems like there are none.

Edited to add : So if I sure try, should I email them or call them ?


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Ok, I wrote them today and explained to them my dilemma and that I won't have my diploma until June, so we will see what happens. I am pretty sure that they will say no because I am not 18. But, like you all said, the worst they can say is no !! :)

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Don't forget that you can get a "regular job" (aka non healthcare) wherever (for money) and volunteer at the facility (for experience). I don't know your plans, but maybe you could think about getting your CNA once you graduate high school. Food for thought.

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Absolutely apply. We've had many high school students work at a hospital I used to work at. As long as it doesn't interfere with your schooling...not up too late, etc...by all means go for it!


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Thanks everyone for the encouragement. But I wrote the recruiter and expressed my interest in the position and told her that I did not yet have my high school diploma but would have it by June. She wrote back and stated that a high school diploma was required and it was required that you be 18. So that pretty much wipes me out of hospital jobs for another year and a half. :(

SarahKat, I have thought of being a CNA and would love to except pretty much the only place I could work until I'm 18 would be a nursing home or LTC and that environment does not appeal to me. (Don't take that the wrong way ~ I have nothing against the elderly) Also, I have a "regular job" right now cleaning houses and I did volunteer at this very hospital last summer and had a blast and plan to do it again this summer. I was just hoping to do something medically related for pay but I'll just have to wait. Thanks so much for the replies.

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