OK, I graduated last May and started working in a 500-bed hospital, 85 miles away, with critically ill patients. As a new nurse, the stress was incredible and didn't get a whole lot of support from co-workers. I lasted 7 months.

Now I'm working in a small, 60 bed rural hospital, 25 miles away. The pace is MUCH slower, I'm a charge nurse (yeah, it's true) and very bored! The big city is now sooo appealing. I have an interview tomorrow to work on the oncology floor of a 700-bed hospital and another interview Tuesday with Hospice.

I just feel like I'm missing so much by being in a small hospital. I'm 52 and really don't have alot of years to experience many different areas of nursing. I'd love to find somewhere I can stay put and that will keep me challenged!

Any input would be so appreciated!

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How about the emergency department in your rural hospital ?


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Be careful not to bite off more than you can chew. That 7 month hellish assignment made you ABLE to do what you do now, and its also why you are bored. Maybe try something thats a compromise? Rural to 700 beds is a HUGE change...


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Have you considered ICU or PACU in a smaller hospital setting?

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How did the interview go?

I'm not sure where you are in the process, but DEFINITELY

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DEFINITELY shadow on the unit for an entire shift before you accept a position.

That is something I learned the hard way, and I will never accept a position again, anywhere, without doing that.

Good luck!


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That's a wonderful idea! I will definitely ask to do that before I accept my next position. Thanx!!

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