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So on Friday morning I interviewed for my dream job. It isn't the absolute best option for me in the world, but it is in pediatrics and I have always wanted to work in pediatrics. It was my first interview with a nurse manager. Everything else has been with human resources and noone has had onpenings. The job is one long hour from my house and the pay is $20.50 an hour benefits will be about $400 a month out of my check. It is full time in a very large and advanced hospital with alot of opportunities.

On Thursday night before the interview I was called by the DON from a nursing home 30 minutes from here. My friend was also called, she went in on Friday and took a job. $22 an hour benefits included. (I haven't seen all the paperwork, but thats what she says) He is looking to hire one more nurse from what she was told. I am set up to interview there on Tuesday morning.

So.. here is the issue.

Job #1 told me that they would be choosing someone to hire this coming week.

I think that I will be offered Job #2 when I interview.

I really, really want to wait out Job #1, but I am scared to death of passing up Job #2 because I need a job and beggars shouldn't be choosers. I feel like brass ring is being put in my face and I want so badly to grab it, but I am scared of making the wrong decision.

So.. I thought about taking the offer on Tuesday if it is offered to me and backing out if Job #1 comes through, but I wouldn't want to be a bad person.

Also.. is Job #1 worth taking? Or should I just hope for #2? Even though it isn't a job I really want?

Please give me some feedback!!

I think that as long as you can financially live with the money that Job#1 is offering, it would be fine for you to take job#2, then later decline/resign if Job#1 comes through. You don't have to give tons of details, just reference "personal reasons, blah blah."

No it isn't the nicest thing you could do, but you really only should be loyal to yourself, not an employer that also would look out for themselves first, should it come to that.

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That is what I was thinking too. I would hate to be that kind of person, but Job #1 has so many opportunities. See the hospital that Job #1 is at is building a new hospital in my town. So my DREAM would be to get a transfer to the local hospital in pediatrics.. See.. I am looking at long term.. My husband thinks more money less drive.. but I am thinking.. where will I be in 2 years? I would much rather be working for the same company that is building a hospital in my town..

And then all this makes me wonder.. what looks better on a job application? Hospital experience or nursing home?

Hospital experience, no question!

Good luck :D

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That was my thought too.

I really want the pediatric position!

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Okay... so thank goodness God worked it out for me!

The Nursing home people were so unprofessional that they didn't get around to officially offering me the job until Friday. The peds position was offered on Thursday. I knew I had to take it.. it was like a sign! So.. for less money and a longer drive I am going to be a pediatric nurse!! I don't even care either.. I am just ecstatic that I get to start in my preferred specialty!

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