Difficulty finding preceptor during COVID-19


Hey guys,

I am a U.S.-based NP student at an online school. I am having tremendous difficulty finding a preceptor for my course this semester. I have contacted everyone I know and even cold-called several facilities. Many aren’t doing preceptors because of the virus ? 

Does anyone have any tips for my search? I am willing to do anything.

Also, what happens if I’m unable to find a preceptor? This feels like it shouldn’t be my fault, really. 


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Just started my semester this past week and just recently lost my preceptor due to covid and my previous is not taking students because said issue. I'll be making my rounds via phone and in person this week to various offices/clinics around me. Some times the in-person may work better than over the phone if you haven't tried that already.

You should ask your clinical facilitators/director about the consequences of not being in clinic for X number of weeks. My school has temporarily waived the "must be in at least 1 8-hour clinical per week" rule and has been waived since covid hit. My online school is resuming but it just seems like they're leaving it up to us to find our own preceptors. Unfortunately nothing is being done on their end to help us out. If you're nowhere near graduating like myself (1 year left), we still have some time to keep searching before we need to start cramming hours next year. Good luck to you.