Different Types of Patients?


So, I interviewed the other day for what I think is an awesome position. It's a tech job in a neuro/trauma icu. It's a temporary tech job for nursing students which will lead into a nursing position on the unit provided you work out well with the unit. I'm a very hard-working, positive individual, so I'm not worried about that aspect so much, although I know that sometimes people just don't click or work. I'm super excited though and I think this would be a good fit for me.

I was wondering what you all typically see on your units. The manager did say many of their patients are intubated and sedated, but they do have some alert ones. I would be responsible for around 8 patients after orientation. After orientation, it would be around one night a week which I think is perfect for me.

I want to do the best job I can if I get this position. I want to be able to be an asset to the nurses so they can do their jobs. So that's why I'm wondering what all do you guys see on these units so I can get a better understanding of what I would be dealing with and what all would be expected.

I hope that kind of makes sense. I see this as an incredible opportunity. I got to meet some of the nurses from the unit and they all seemed great. The manager was really nice and I feel like the interview went well. So any insight here would be great.


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I have no advice to offer, but just wanted to say good luck, and I hope you get the position!

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I'm not sure I'm really understanding your question? Do you want to know what types of conditions do these patients have? Or what is their neurological/cognitive state? Or are you asking more about their personality?

There are all types of people on these units and I can't say there is a "typical" type of patient. If you are curious about conditions, if you still have your medical surgical text I would look over the neurological chapter(s). There are so many conditions/medical diagnoses and they affect patients at varying degrees. As far as neuro/cog state goes, it varies with each person and each person can have changing neuro/cog states.

Good luck!