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Differences in lifestyle and career path between Army and Navy RN

by Dino Dino Member

I would like to know the differences between the two branches as it relates to a new nurse going into either branch based on the following:

1) I know the big 3 hospitals for Navy what are the choices as a new nurse for Army and their locations?

2) What is the typical path going from a new nurse in each branch to advanced practice nursing?

3) When can one expect their first deployment in each branch, for how long, and what are the big locations for deployment in the Army?

4) For any active duty nurses on here or ones who can share experience from others whom they know were deployed, can you tell me what it's like being deployed on a ship for 6 months at a time?

5) Which service is it easier to get advanced practice training, such as NP, CRNA etc...

6) What are some of the most common bases and locations for RN's in the Army, I am familiar with Navy locations.

7) Which branch do you feel is harder if you have a family, based on deployement durations, number of deployments etc..

Thank you for any replies

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