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How much of a difference is there between the TEAS test and the SAT/ACT?

I am pretty sure I will have to retake the SAT or take the ACT bc my score 13 years ago was a 910. Although I've always been a great student, I am a horrible test taker. I get severe anxiety and literally block out everything I've studied.

I'm already nervous and overwhelmed about the TEAS, so taking the SAT/ACT only adds to it. Will I have to review more things or is it basically the same stuff?


Everything you need to know about the TEAS format is right here. It is a test that is required before you enter nursing school--->https://allnurses.com/teas-exam-help/how-i-studied-531994.html

The SAT/ACT is a test you take before you enter college. To find out more information about it you can google it! :)

I understand what the TEAS test and SAT/ACT test are, I did take the SAT fter graduating high school. My question was for those who have already taken the TEAS, what the difference is between them. Are they similar or do they cover different subjects. Bascially, will I have to study two different ways/subjects to take TEAS and the SAT/ACT, or if by studying for the TEAS, I should be prepared to take the SAT/ACT.

I took the SAT about 10 years ago also. I had to take the TEAS for nursing school. The book they offer is great to study, it's made by the same company that makes the test. It's a hard test, but with study and confidence it do-able.

I wish I can answer your question to the best of my ability, but I can not remember what was on the ACT/SAT. I do remember when I took the TEAS, there was a Science Section, Math, Reading Comprehension, and Grammar Language/Usage. All the topics covered are basic high school grasp of concepts. The only section that is not thoroughly covered on the ATI TEAS study guide is the science section. Many students and members on all nurses had diffficulty with the nursing section. All you need to do is to focus on studying for 1-2 weeks. If you have been away from school for sometime, you might need more time.

Just buy this book, the TEAS V Study manual from here: Version V - ATI Test of Essential Academic Skills (TEAS V) Study Package

You can choose to also buy the online practice test to help you to see how the test will be displayed and to view the rationale to questions.

I suggest you look at this link to help you to understand the format of the test:


Many students and members on all nurses had diffficulty with the science section.


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