Difference between Salem Sump & Dobhoff?

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Hi, I'm a nursing student trying to understand NG tube feeding. I'm confused why we use 1 port for feeding, irrigation, suctioning, and meds for Salem Sump. Meanwhile, we use 2 ports for Dobhoff for meds and feedings. Why would we need 2 ports for Dobhoff when we could put them in one port similar to Salem Sump? Can someone explain??


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Salem sump tubes are used for gastric decompression and should not be used for anything else except in very rare occasions (contrast dye in the case of patient intolerance comes to mind but that would be highly unusual). Dobhoff tubes cannot be used for decompression and are limited to feeding and meds. The secondary port on the Dobhoff allows for medication administration without disconnecting the tubing or stopping the feed. 

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