Didn't take NCLEX within 1 year in PA. Am I screwed?


Hi everyone, 

I will be talking to the BON tomorrow but wanted to seek your input first. Long story short, I graduated in July 2021. I have never taken NCLEX. I worked as a graduate nurse from August 2021-July 2022. 

Somehow I must have glossed over the fact that you need to attempt NCLEX within 1 year of graduating in Pennsylvania. I am sick to my stomach about this as I'm now mentally and financially in a space where I'm ready to take the exam. 

Does anyone have any experience with this or know what my potential options could be?

Thanks so much in advance! 

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You can apply for license in another state without time limit, pass NCLEX then endorse into PA.  NJ nor NY do not have time limit post graduation to take NCLEX, DE requires one to take within 2 years + remedial NCLEX course.