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Didn't get ESN- how will it affect me?

chris122 chris122 (New) New

Hi, I'm a nursing student in BC going into my fourth year. I've maintained a 90+ average for all 3 years so far, worked as an RA, TA, store supervisor, etc and have multiple long term volunteer experiences. However, I was unable to get an ESN position this Summer d/t the fact that my permanent address is not in the region that I applied to. How will this affect me? Do employers often look for ESN experience or is preceptorship more/just as important? I would hate to have a hard time finding a job because I don't have enough experience working in a hospital. Is there anything I can do to make up for this?

My advice would be to just ask your school. Or there's probably going to be some recruiting going on once you start your last year, so you'll probably have the chance to talk directly to the jobs. I don't know what's "normal" for BC, but in pretty much all of the US, the professional world doesn't really care what you did while you were in school, no matter what the job is.