Did something unwise, but was it a HIPAA violation?

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I'm a support staffer at a healthcare facility, and recently, while talking to some visitors at the facility, we were discussing the impact of Covid, the visitors' concerns about it, and my own experience with it. One of the visitors asked me, "Are there many Covid cases/patients here (meaning, the facility)?" I responded, "Well, I don't know exactly, I don't think there are many, but then, as I look at the world and Covid, it seems like Covid has lost some of its intensity" (or words to that effect). Was this confidential info about the facility, or general enough to be (relatively) okay? 

Specializes in ICU and interventional pain.

Nothing confidential about your response. No specific patients were mentioned. No HIPPA violation there.

Specializes in ICU and interventional pain.

No problem. I have even worked at hospitals that publicly announced how many COVID patients were admitted daily.

thank you, good to know that!

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