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Did you read all of the assigned readings in nursing school ?

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In the beginning I tried to read every single chapter we were given but it was a doozy:wtf:

Based on my (little bit) of experience, I think it depends on the material you're learning, the book, and the instructor. Our medsurg book is amazing and I could read it daily despite it weighing 12lbs, but our health assessment book was terrible. You'll figure out pretty quickly which instructors you'll need to go more in depth with your reading for, and which you may not have to.

About ATI, my program uses it quite extensively and from what I've seen, not every program does. If your program uses it, they'll have you order the books and website access when you start the program. (You can google "ATI (insert skill here)" too if you want to sorta see how their presentations are set up...like "ATI NG tube.") The books are easy to read and compact...but they don't have an index which is a bit annoying especially when you're knee-deep into a practice exam, really need to look something up, and it turns into a 20 minute affair (and I swear, I know how to read!)

My school is just now switching to ATI for the first time this fall semester, but I got my booklist and it didn't list the ordering of any ATI books. Did you have to wait for the first day of class to get that tad bit of information on ATI?

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