Did any of you all need to have the titer done before entering school?

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I just got accepted to Keiser and i brought my immunizations from childhood. And was told that they were too old. and i have to get the Titer to find out what i'm immune to.

Have any of you all had to to do this?

If so, where did you go to get this done?

How much was it ? (i currently don't have any health ins.)

Thanks in advance

Yes, my school required all titers and a 2 step Mantoux test, along with a tetorifice shot (it was over 10 yrs since my last one). The hep B and flu shots were optional.

I also don't have health insurance. I found a new walk in clinic that had just opened, and they had an "a la carte" menu of immunizations and services, including a reduced price school physical. In total, for all immunizations, testing, and physical, I paid $130. Good doctor too, he is a resident at a hospital in the area, looking to open his own practice.

Best best is to make a few phone calls to smaller clinics, and let them know you are uninsured and would be paying cash. Let them know exactly what is required by your school (I faxed over my form) and they should work with you. It might help to let them know you are a nursing student, they waived the $20 first office visit fee for me when I told them.

Best of luck!

oh wow,great info, thanks alot!

I will def. do this today

Hi, I am from Alabama but thought I would give a suggestion. I had my shots done at a local health department. I had to have several things and a mandatory HepB shot. In all though, I paid 53 dollars. Maybe you could look into that. Hope that helped! Good Luck!

thnks i called my health dept today and total will be 97

My school didn't accept shot records at all which was a bummer because my shots were recent because I was in the military and received every shot known to man and then some, lol. It was really an inconvience because my health insurance didn't cover the titers, hep b, hep a, vericella, and mmr, my total was about 500 and I had to get a physical and pay for the drug test too. Ohhh I almost for got the TB test was 15.00. Then I had to pay for the background check and BLS CPR so it was about 800.00 to start school.

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