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Hi Everyone,

I just graduated last may as an LPN. I intend on going for my RN degree. However, being an LPN has not been very encouraging. I am on my second job as a nurse since October. I have been happy for a few weeks, then things go downhill quickly ( I hate even the thought of returning to the site). Has anyone been able to turn this situation around or felt the same way? I am not a job hopper, but the way its going now, I should have 5 jobs this year. I average 5-7 years per job..Help..I worked hard for my degree, but am very discourged


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1st off , we really need to know what you are unhappy with and what is discouraging you


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i, myself, am not a career or job hopper either. however, i just made a huge change. what i was doing, just didn't "feel right" to me. it was hard to make that change, but it was worth it.

i don't have my bsn, but i would imagine that doing rn and lpn work is much different.

good luck. not to worry, eventually you'll find your way :p


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"I am not a job hopper, but the way its going now, I should have 5 jobs this year."

Life is too short to stay in a job you hate. My suggestion would be to do some career and self exploration to help define just what you are looking for in your life, what your personal interests and needs are, and what you require in order to stay in a job.

Typically, the most important factor is having a lot in common with and sharing similar interests with one's co-workers OTHER THAN the job itself.

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