Did I pass NCLEX?

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Hello everyone!

I took my NCLEX yesterday and it shut off at 75 questions. Most say results take anywhere from two days to a week. I got an email from AZBON and said they issued me a credential RN license number. Perhaps I don't want to get myself too excited since my results haven't posted yet but if the BON issues me a license number does that mean I passed?

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Is it the temp RN number they issued you? If so, no it does not necessarily mean that you passed. However, if they gave your permanent number without the giant TEMP#######, then I'd say you passed. 

Have you tried the pearson trick? 

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52 minutes ago, Idiosyncratic said:

Have you tried the pearson trick?

Be very careful with this one... you must be ready to pay for and schedule a new exam in full. The "old" PVT wouldn't let you get to the payment screen if you passed. The current method is ready to charge your card before you find out if you've likely passed or not. 

If the State has issued you a permanent license, (no TEMP numbers) then you have passed. Mine doesn't do things quite like that and they're not often super fast about it. I was lucky, I got my license about 36 hours after I took the NCLEX. Other classmates had to wait longer, a week or longer in some cases.