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Did I make the right decision :/

I got accepted into 3 different nursing programs all BSN. I got accepted into ETSU (east TN State University), King College Bristol,TN, and Lincoln Memorial University. I ended up picking ETSU because it is so much cheaper since it is public. Does private really offer any plus's to public universities job wise? I can complete ETSU and be debt free when I graduate! with LMU or King I will have student loans. Does going to private schools increase better job opportunities? Does anyone have any opinions on this? I plan on going back to school after I graduate to get my DNP or CRNA. Anyone have any input in this? I am so nervous I didn't make the correct decision....... I can still get my admission to LMU and King if need be. Any one have any thoughts?

loriangel14, RN

Specializes in Acute Care, Rehab, Palliative.

Employers generally don't care where you went to school.As long as you passed the exam and have your license they are happy.I don't think that private is any advantage, some just go that route because there is no wait.It would make perfect sense to pick the cheaper option.Congratulations and good luck.

Double-Helix, BSN, RN

Has 9 years experience. Specializes in PICU, Sedation/Radiology, PACU.

Provided the program is accredited- no. It makes absolutely no difference whether you went to a public or private school.

As long as you have a license and the school is accredited.. employers dont care. And since you said you wanted to continue your education, it'd be wiser not to rack up a bunch of loans on the BSN.

I think it just depends where you are. I go to a private school (for me it is cheaper than public bc they offer more scholarship) and the hospital will "favor" these applicants. It is also the only BSN program around here. If I were in your shoes, I'd probably have chosen the state school bc you will be debt free when you graduate. That makes a BIG difference, especially if you have a hard time landing a job

Save your money! For my first degree (not nursing related) I went to a private school and the degree it granted me was not enough for me to obtain a job that can sustain the monthly loan payments I now have! I encourage everyone to go with lower-cost educational options as long as they do their homework (e.g. make sure the school is accredited, has a good reputation among its students, etc.).

Thank you all for all of your wonderful and helpful input !! This has made me feel a lot better about my decision to attend the public state school they are accredited and a BSN program. Thanks so much again everyone !!


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