Did anyone get accepted to Denver School of Nursing 2012 October start?


Hi, I applied to DSN for 2012 October start for BSN Completion option and wondering if anyone got accepted


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yes i got accepted, the reviews here are so mixed and so far mostly negative. i am a tiny bit nervous. plus its such an expensive program!!!

did you get accepted?


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I got accepted too hon, and I have also heard lots of things, but all you can do is make the best out of it and it will benefit you in the long run. I hope i get to see you come October, I should be starting then too.

I am excited and nervous at the same time but dont be, all i keep telling myself is that you make the best of nursing once you start working in the field and get your own experience.

Good luck! :)


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I'm a DSN grad from 2011. I'm sooo tired of people being upset by the negative blogs that are on a (for all the schools that have blogs) negative blog website. I received an excellent education and have a fantastic job! Just because a few students that obviously were flunking out of school (if they really were students at all) posted those no class blogs doesn't mean a thing when you compare it to the tons have DSN people like me that are proud to be DSN graduates. You notice the negative bloggers didn't even have a strong enough conviction about what they were saying to put they're real name on them. My friends who are still finishing their degrees at DSN say that everyone is real excited (me too) about the upcoming NLNAC accreditation. They should find out in a few weeks but I'm not worried about it because I heard the visit in February went so well and DSN pass rates last year were better than most of the other Colorado nursing programs that have been around forever. If you have any questions about the quality of the programs at DSN, I would suggest you go to the school and talk to students that are attending right now and see what they have to say. The program isn't easy, but if it was it wouldn't be worth going to. I feel very comfortable with my nursing skills and all of the nurses I work with treat me as an equal. I hope this helps. Good luck to you at DSN!!


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I am a first quarter student at DSN and I am loving it so far. I also read those negative reviews about the school before I started but had heard from students that it was a great school, and I can now say I agree with them. DSN also received accreditation from the NLNAC yesterday which is very exciting. Good luck in October!


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I will be starting the October BSN program and am very excited! Especially with the recent NLNAC accreditation. I keep checking my email for my schedule because I want to start planning everything. Only 5 weeks away now!


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I am applying for the July 2013 start and I am so nervous about applying/trying to get into nursing school. I really want to go to DSN and do the BSN program with previous college credit, but nervous about the placement exam. I am looking for advice about getting in etc. I have a ton of awesome volunteer work, but no work experience in the hospital. I will have completed all pre reqs by May 2013- and all from a Colorado community college. I'm not nervous about the interview part- just want to get accepted! I have only applied to DSN and CU, but CU seems so much bigger and so hard to get into.

Any advice will help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!