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Did anyone apply to RCBC Nursing Spring 2018 program?


Hi All,

Did anyone apply to the RCBC Nursing program for this Spring 2018 semester? If so did anyone get their acceptance letter yet? All of my prerequisites are done. I am just concerned about the Nutrition class I took (CHE210), they are only accepting it if it was taken within the last 2 years (Which mine was, but not at RCBC). I took it at another school, I hope this does not mess up my chances of getting in. I wish everyone luck!

Hello Hooven20, My wife and I are still waiting on our acceptance letters for the nursing program for spring 2018. They say no later than the 15th of September they will be sending out letters. I have all pre reqs done and I'm not really sure about your chem 210 class being accepted. Maybe give them a call this week to see if it was accepted (I would). I wish you all the luck, but if your GPA is good, you should not have a problem getting in. Hey, check out their point system they use for the program. It's on their website. I got 64 out of possible 70. They use ur grades to determine how many points you get. Not sure if that's good, but it sounds good to me. Again, good luck!

Hi Kevin, thanks for the info! I wish you and your wife luck! All of my prerequisites are done also. I am just wondering how they will select people since I am sure a lot of people have applied.I am wondering if they are going to take the highest GPAS or the highest points.. Eek the wait is horrible! I hope I get in, if not I will not give up. I am just unsure of what step I will take next.

Well, It is passed September 15th! So, hopefully we get our letters sometime this week. My nerves aren't built for this waiting game..lol. There are plenty of other schools out there that might accept you and your credits for their program. Or you can just wait for the fall program and finish up any classes for the BSN portion of pre-reqs (not sure if you got those done). I only have literature left and Im all done with BSN pre-reqs. Well, good luck this week. I'll be waiting on that mailman every morning until i get my letter.

Hi Kevin, Thanks for the information. So I spoke to the Dean and she told me all decisions should be emailed by this Tuesday. You will receive the decision in your college email for rcbc. Just giving you a heads up! I wish you luck and I hope I get in also!

Awesome. I'll be looking forward to getting an email from them. Thanks again and good luck!

I still haven't got an email. Have anyone received an email yet??

Nope not yet.. we are all waiting :/. They need to get it moving...

Nope, I'm still waiting impatiently on the email.

Just got my email! I have been accepted into the program! I hope you all get good news like me..

Me too! Whoever that did not get accepted do not give up! Hang in there everything will fall into place! It took me a while to get where I am now but finally someone gave me a chance lol

Awesome, glad you got in. I picked evening class. Don't forget to mention you want 3+1 program also if your going for the BSN. Good luck to you and see you in the spring!

I am unsure if I am going to pick evening or day yet. Yes I did 3+1 too, good luck!