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Did Anyone Applied to CSU Chico Nursing Spring 2011?

luv2b1 luv2b1 (New) New

I applied to the csu chico nursing program for Spring and I'm nervous about how it is gonna turn out!!:uhoh3: I was wondering if anyone else applied and feels the same way. Does anyone know how many people applied?? I thought it would be nice if we could support each other on this long wait!!!

I applied and I feel the same way you do. I just hope I get in this time. It's my second time applying. Good Luck. :)

It is my second try too. I hope this time I can make it. Do you know how many people applied this time? I know last time it was over 260!!! Best luck to you

I have no idea actually, sorry. But I doubt anyone knows. I just hope I get more points this time around because I had extra points that I didn't apply for last time.

Same here - I had some extra points too. I think last time lowest point that was get in was around 84-85. But I'm sure it changes everytime. I just try to think positive on this long wait and hope not a lot of people applied this time:)

I sure hope not too many people applied to. :) Last time I was at 75 points so I was no where near getting in, but this time I made it into the low 80s.

Last time I had 78 and now low 80's - I mean that is what I'm hoping! If everything is same as last time and they add the extra points, I should be between 83 and 85. 5 weeks until we can find out -- so frustrating...

That's cool...I have no back up plan if I don't get in. Hopefully we do get in. Again good luck.

Hey, Chico Student! I just heard that some people got their acceptance letter in Chico. Did you get yours?

I got my acceptance letter today I got in!!! I can't believe it :-)

I am applying for next semester. Do you mind me asking how many ponts you think you had?

I was in the 80s don't know exactly how many BC my letter didn't state it good luck

I got accepted too!!! Finally! So exited and can't stop smiling:)

Congratulations hope to see you in class :-)

Congratulations to you too chico student!!! I sure will see you in the class:)))

I have applied to Chico with 87 points and Im praying that the averages did not go up too high!

I applied with 87.5 points today I am so nervous!!