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I am interested in Dialysis and would like to take a course in it to 1. see if it is for me and 2. to get my foot in the door for a job.

I know one your hired they provide training , but they arent even looking at my resume right now. I would like to be proactive and more qualified for the position.

Anyone know of a dialysis training program for RNs? I live in the SE USA.

I'm a former dialysis nurse. In general, dialysis providers (DaVita, Fresenius etc.) know they will have to train new staff and are well prepared to do so; of course, they would prefer applicants with experience (who wouldn't), but dialysis is not so popular that they can be choosy.

I would definitely not pay for a dialysis course (assuming you could even find one) myself.

Go the the companies' websites, look at their job openings and take it from there. When you get hired, you will find out quickly enough if this is for you (it seems that people either love it or hate it) and if not, don't feel bad about quitting. At least you won't have lost any money and the companies know that not everyone will work out.

If loved dialysis (it's not without its problems, though - see the Dialysis Board under Nursing Specialties for more info) and would still do it if I didn't have young children now (the hours just wouldn't work for us). I encourage you to apply!

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I loved acute dialysis. All the training is on the job. Each place will have their own particlar types of equipment.

You will either love it or hate it - I have seen nurse quit after only a few days! The rest stay for years.

I shadowed a dialysis RN during a few procedures at a hospital. I asked him how one would get into dialysis nursing. He said that in a hospital they would most likely want someone with experience and if one wants training in a dialysis position it would be better to apply at dialysis clinics. He actually owns a dialysis clinic too and orients RNs for dialysis. He said that at a clinic its a better environment to learn because you would be able to see the procedure done over and over and over again which makes for easier and better learning. In a hospital, you'd have one procedure at a time w/just a couple each shift and it's almost not worth the training. In the clinic you'd see many simultaneously. That's just what I was told by one dialysis RN. I'm sure ppl go about it in many different ways :)

I have applied, but cant seem to get a chance from anyone. No call backs from the Dialysis clinics in this area. :(

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