Dialysis training while in college?


Hi guys, I'm an incoming sophomore in college and a nursing major. I'm interested in training to be a dialysis technician during the summer so that I could make some money on the side while I'm still in school. I was wondering if you think I can get a job just having a dialysis technician certification without being an cna, lpn, or rn? Is it worth for me to pay for the course? I'm in the nyc are btw.

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I'm pretty sure you can't be a certified dialysis technician until you have 1 year experience. They take a state test to get the CCHT after one year, if you don't pass, you can't work as a technician anymore. I worked with some girls, who were right out of high school with no patient care experience whatsoever, but I think my clinic was really desperate for new hires. I think if you don't have a CNA or PCT, your chances may be less, but not unrealistic. Give it a try and see what happens! Since you're in nursing school, they will like that they don't have to teach you basics about vital signs, but if your market is saturated, may be difficult. But you can't get a dialysis certification without experience.