I am new to dialysis can anyone give me some advise on what i should be looking for and what should i be charting on .Thank you

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are you working in a dialysis unit? or on a renal floor?


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I am working in a dialysis unit (out pt chronic unit)


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This is a big subject so I will try and do it in bite sized chunks.

The usual problem is that pts can go "hypo" - drop their BP - The best way to be able to predict this is frequent, regular BP measurements. When it happens depending on the severity si how you will deal with, but generally you want to raise the pts feet, stop UF and maybe some IV saline.

Diabetics can drop their blood glucose quite quickly so this is measured - even if you are using a glucose containing concentrate.

Venous arterial and TM pressure and noting a trend will alert you to any access and clotting problems.

Dialysis can be daunting at first - my advice is don't expect to learn it quickly - but learn it properly - these days machines are so sophisticated that a lot of nurses don't really appreciate what is happening. I would really recommend you read the user manual a chapter at a time. I know it seems a bit like reading the telephone directory, but there is loads of valuable info - not only does it tell you what to do but why you need to do it.

Hopefully your preceptor will be able to asist you get to grips with dialysis but it can take considerable time to become truly comfortable with the process.

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