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Hello! I'm new to all nurses..My family is moving to Southern Cal(Lomalinda) or San Diego. Been a dialysis nurse for 5+ years for Fresenius and RCG. Just want to know good places to work in those areas.And what are the rates there. I know cost of living is really high.. But I can't stand another winter in Chicago. And ALL of our families are there. Its getting to be lonely here. Any advice is good advice! Thanks in advance.

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Hello day2 ! And WELCOME to ALLNURSES !!!

Have no advice for you re your move to southern Cal., but just wanted to greet you ... another Fresenius dialysis RN here !!! :D

hi,day2! i also just wanted to say welcome to allnurses! i'm a dialysis rn w/gambro so i can't help you w/your job search but sunny ca.sounds great! good luck!


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I am a native San Diegan, and can't say enough about it. PM me if you would like to ask me any questions. :)


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Welcome to California! Just a little FYI about opprotunities for dialysis nurses. Gambro Healthcare is a great place to work & all you have to do is apply on line @ GambroHealthcare.com. They have many clinics in the Orange County & San Diego County areas. They would welcome an experienced RN or LPN to their staff. If you have problems locating the website please contact one of the clinics & ask for their recruiting officer. Good Luck!!

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