You Know you are a Dialysis Nurse if

  1. I thought I would start this out with some stories I heard doing dialysis many years ago......

    You know you are a dialysis nurse if you have ever heard a patient tell you

    "I didn't drink anything I must have soaked up the water when I had my bath"

    "There is something wrong with my artillery line"

    "Does a whole watermelon count as only one piece of fruit a day?"
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  3. by   Juanay
    Good ones!
    How about:
    "Well, I didn't drink a lot of water! I only had my pot of coffee and tea, that doesn't count does it?"
    10 kg over!
    Recently had a pt complete scheduled tx and call back the same day to be hemo'd b/c sob. We worked him back in hemo'd for 30 min and his family brought him a 36oz mug overflowing with crushed ice! We were all flaberghasted! Took it away from him and he had the GALL to get mad at us!
  4. by   theresa_b
    My favorite of all time - " I didn't drink a thing! I must have soaked it up because of the humidity!" and believe it or not I've heard that one at least 10 times! :chuckle