We have been bought out!

  1. My employer was recently bought out by US RENAL CARE. I do not know much about this company. Anybody out there familiar with it?
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  3. by   Aquamarine
    I worked in dialysis for many years, through the changes and through the buyouts. there are a few major players in the dialysis world...it will be good or an okay move once the rough edges of the buyout are done. just be calm and have patience with it. The good thing is these companies are country, sometimes international so you can see and take positions in other places if you are in good standing...so it gives you some options. I heard they aren't bad although I am not sure about the company you mentioned. I know Davita formerly total renal care. I am considering them as my next employer. I think like all jobs there are pluses and minuses, it is up to you to find what you want that suits your needs. I just know from experience, don't join in the hysteria of employees...and the "what ifs"....and the gossip about the company. Listen to what they have to say, take notes, and make an educated decision. No one likes change, so the talk about the new company will be negative and sometimes not based on truth. Only listen to the facts...you will have information meetings with the new company. Get your questions written out so you will not be emotional but practical and objective. I think these companies have a lot to offer.
    I am looking forward to working for one of the companies soon.