short term careplans?

  1. Does anyone have any good short term careplans that would apply generallly to most patients? Being new to dialysis and the only staff nurse that is NOT agency and I am being asked to do monthly nurses notes and now quarterly short term careplans ( can long term be far behind?) due uhhh in a week on 30 pts.....and could you recommend a good book on them for the future ones? Thanks anyone

    drowning in paperwork


    ps- I'm supposed to do all this and not put any "overtime" in???
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    there are short care plans on 49 different subjects at this site: i haven't looked at them recently so i'm not sure if the nursing diagnoses are in the current nanda language since nanda updated the list in 2005.

    there are also two online care plan constructors that you can use that are companions to two care plan books that are in publication. they only include the most popularly and commonly used nursing diagnoses, not all 172. however, each of the diagnoses listed on these sites have outcomes, goals and nursing interventions listed. these sites will format and print out the items you select for a care plan if you like. i have been starting to refer students to specific nursing diagnosis pages on these sites when i am answering their questions about care planning.

    • - this is a list of the nursing diagnoses that are available for viewing on the website. just click on one for the accompanying page to come up.
    • - you want to know which nursing diagnosis you want to look for, or have a specific symptom the patient is experiencing in mind. in the area where is says "start new plan" you want to click on the alphabetic range that the diagnosis or symptom you are looking for will be and click on those letters. a page of links will come up. clicking on symptoms will give you a list of potential nursing diagnoses. clicking on a nursing diagnosis will take you to that particular nursing diagnosis page.
    care plan books are set up in two ways: by medical diagnosis, by nursing diagnosis. the problem with the ones that are done by medical diagnosis is that they only address the major illnesses. if someone has a medical disease that isn't addressed in these books you're forced to hunt and peck to put diagnoses together. with the nursing diagnosis books the 172 nursing diagnoses are listed alphabetically and usually include nursing interventions that would go with those diagnoses.

    my favorite is nursing diagnosis handbook: a guide to planning care, 7th edition, by betty j. ackley and gail b. ladwig. at the beginning of the book is an index of symptoms and medical diagnoses. by looking there, you are given potential nursing diagnoses that would be appropriate for a person with that symptoms or medical problem. it is one of the best selling books being used for care planning. it is organized by nursing diagnosis. i also have a copy of nursing diagnosis, application to clinical practice, vol. ii, by lynda juall carpenito-moyet. it is organized by medical diagnoses. lynda carpenito has been a member of nanda for many years and is well acquainted with nanda guidelines and teaching them.
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    THANK YOU SO MUCH! These are invaluable resources!