Scheduling problems.

  1. I'm a tech with Fresenius and I was hired for 30 hours a week even though its usually 40. My husband works 40+ as well. My hubby is now being pushed at work to work Saturdays and occasional Sundays. This means I will no longer be able to work Saturdays at my clinic. How should I go about talking to my CM about this. I feel bad she just took over our hectic clinic which is loosing employees for another clinic opening and some quitting. I've been doing my best to pick up extra shifts for her and what not. But I won't have the proper childcare on the weekends
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  3. by   GeauxNursing
    you just have to state that. plain and simple. Childcare is a priority for working parents. If she needs you badly enough, (it sounds like you are a concerned, giving worker) she will honor your needs.