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I am new to Dialysis and recently started orientation. I am a RN and my preceptor is a PCT with dialysis experience as a PCT but no nursing experience. Is this common practice in Dialysis for PCTs to... Read More

  1. by   Lacie
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    This is scarey reading all about training RNs. Do these companies not care about patients. If someone (RN) is interested enough to work in this area then the companies should provide adequate training. I wonder how many patients die due to those who are providing care and do not have enough training? This is scarey. FMC has a 12 training for RNs but still new RNs need to understand in order to problem solve esp . Goodness. Isn't the RN also suppose to supervise technicians? who is aware of medical comorbid problems/conditions and how to intervene? I always thought the RN. Wouldlike input from others on units in S.Diego. Am thinking of moving there again. Although the one unit I am at the northern LA area is not bad.
    I am on my 1st week of my 3rd month of orientation with Davita and it all comes down to the immediate management of your facility. I have an LPN precepting me and they are permitting me to move pretty much at my own pace. Also provided me with a new booklet Davita just came out with called "Smart Start" which list very specific task and steps that should be mastered by time intervals for inexperienced and experienced Dialysis nurses. They havent rushed me and have allowed me to speak up and tell them "I'm behind in my workbooks and need to go tackle that at the moment" and go on my way. They are short staffed but definitely are not rushing me into being on my own. In fact I was told it would be 6 months or more before that would happen. One LPN has been at our facility for over a year now and still not on her own. I am also an experienced Critical care nurse with over 25 years experience but when it comes to dialysis that is all put aside. The techs dont orient but are available when I need help or to answer questions within thier scope of practice. Find out who your area clinical specialist is for education and tell her you need assistance. Have they sent you for Davita Prep and the Nurses Day training yet? If not then I sure would be asking why I hadnt been. If they are not providing you with the appropriate orientation then run dont walk to the nearest exit.
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    It is very commom to be precepted by a PCT to learn about about the machines, water system, cannulation and catheters. But eventually you should be trained by licensed personnel to learn the nursing aspects. Sometimes it is very hard when you are a nurse not to want to learn the nursing aspects but foucs on learning the technical aspects. Not only will it help make you a stronger nurse but the patients and PCT's will appreciate it. I use to be and Education Coordinator for FMC training new employees and ongoing training for staff in the clinic. But I have always said that each position need to be respected and nurses should not ever feel they are above putting patients on the machine or doing PCT duties. Nurses have to remember that although not every position in the clinic can be done, that as nurses sometimes we have to do a little bit of everything so be well-rounded. There are issues in dialysis just like in every field; you just have to figure out how to provide safe care.