Old Dialysis Nurse- wanting to go back

  1. I started my dialysis career in 1996 and worked through 2007. For the most part I was the charge nurse on the hemo floor, but I have done acutes, started a PD program, and was an interim clinical manager prior to going on maternity leave. We moved cross country in 2007 and I had 4 little kids at home, so I took some time off. By 2011 I was ready to start working again, but no openings were available in the one unit in our small town (we don't even have a hospital). I ended up commuting and working as a diabetes educator. In the last 2 years I have applied for 2 openings that have come up at the local Fresenius clinic. The first time, I tried for the Clinical Manager position. I did get an interview, but they told me they had an internal candidate. I also do not have my BSN. Then they had an opening for an RN- level 1. I didn't even get a response. I love dialysis, and my recommendations and work reviews are excellent. Have I completely shot myself in the foot from being out of it now for 10 years? Has anyone else had the experience of difficulty getting back in the field after a lengthy absence?
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  3. by   MrMango
    Must be dependent on your location... I'm from Connecticut and recently left my full-time position at Fresenius (I still work per diem) in favor of a hospital, but I still get e-mails about Fresenius openings in my state and there's always at least two RN postings at any given time. The clinic I just left hired 4 nurses in the past year, three of them new grads,
  4. by   Duncan6
    Finally have an interview at one of the big 2! An opening came up for an in-center staff RN. Applied a couple of weeks ago and was invited to a hiring event. Met the Facility Admin. and it seemed to go really well. Invited to interview for the position next week. I was the only nurse that showed up at the hiring event for the clinic I want to be at- so fingers crossed! I love dialysis and have missed it; it would be great to be back.
  5. by   67karat
    Did you go back to dialysis? Are you happy you went back? I would be interested to hear about any changes you have noticed in the field while you were gone.
  6. by   Duncan6
    I was just offered a position today at the dialysis clinic in my town. I've been waiting for over 3 years for a position to open up there. I had been offered another position about 30 minutes from home, but it seemed a really unstable situation, so I declined. I'll let you know how it goes once I get started!
  7. by   Duncan6
    Still waiting... I originally applied for the charge nurse position, but they hired one of the current RN's there. They offered me the vacated staff nurse position. Which I accepted. Except- it wasn't a formal offer. The position hadn't been posted yet, so they couldn't give me anything in writing. Still waiting for them to post the job. Apparently corporate isn't a very big hurry. So my last communication with the clinical manager was that she still wants to hire me, but is still waiting for her boss and others to get approvals done so they can make the formal offer. I still don't even know what salary to expect. My potential start date is Jan. 3 when the next set of new hire classes start. Jan 3rd is the absolute latest I can start. If they can't get a formal offer done by then, I'll have to move on. Which will be disappointing, but I have to have a paycheck at some point!