Nurse to patient ratio - state regulations

  1. What states have passed regulation for dialysis units and RN to patient ratio regulations?
    What state are you in and what is the ratio amount?
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  3. by   Lacie
    Florida is as long as 1 body to a pt and 1 RN is in the building. So you can have 12 patients with 1 RN and 2 pcts and is legal. Florida sucks in ratios and it's "at will" state laws.
  4. by   Tish88
    PA is 1 RN in the building and nothing about the number of pct's available.
    PA nurses are trying to get a bill passed in the senate regarding RN to patient ratio - however, this does not include dialysis units.
    Covers ICU, ER, psych, trauma, L&D and I can't remember what else.
  5. by   Lacie
    I would love to be able to get more involved in these issues on the state/federal level. I see all the hipe for hospital nurses but never any relation to chronic dialysis, ltc, etc. I'm finding more and more even the nursing associations dont look at these areas and continue to concentrate on hospital staffing and working conditions. Heck I was surprised how many nurses dont have a clue how many dialysis clinics much less there are even dialysis clinics in thier areas!! I didnt know until I hit a website for Davita during a job search years ago. Several were only miles from my home and I didnt know they existed.
  6. by   Tish88
    There are clinics everywhere now, even across the street from each other where I live.

    Years ago, clinics/companies had to apply for a certificate of need in order to open up a clinic, but now, if you have the $$ you can build any where. I have FMC, Davita, DCI, ARA, and Liberty clinics all within a 5-20 minute drive of my house. And they are locate on the same streets of each other competing for patients and staff.