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Hello everyone! First let me say that this is an excellent forum. I'm very grateful that there are so many nurses out there to talk to and learn from. I'm a new nurse (graduated May 2002), and... Read More

  1. by   jmtmom
    Hi Helllllo nurse!

    Thank you so much for your input. I will take heed to everything you said.

    Okay, ICU nurses start reaching for the vodka when something goes wrong and they don't know what to do about it. But, doesn't everyone? How have you dealt with this situation of not having the slightest idea about what to do?

    Another question: How kind are the patients to new staff? Are they nice to you or do they huff and puff and say, "get somebody over here who knows what they're doing".

    What part of Arizona are you from? I can't wait to get out there. Where did you move to? Just curious. Maybe it's none of my business.

    Well, have a good trip! And good luck with your first day on your own.
  2. by   jnette
    Hi jmtmom !

    Helllllo was wonderful in her advice. Right on the money.

    My suggestion to you is to NOT expect too much out of yourself for a good while, and do NOT be bummed if the learning comes slowly. Just learning to set up the machines takes a good while in itself... it REALLY does !!! Our DON always tell new staff to give themselves a good year before feeling really comfortable with things.
    So don't think you're a slow learner or get down on yourself, and don't let anybody "rush" you !

    We don't allow our patients to eat while on the machine. First, there's too much bloodhazard...second, if they eat, there is already so much blood out of the body, that what they do have left then goes to the digestive system, and they drop their pressure quickly. So our docs say a big fat NO to eating while on the machines ! We do allow them to suck on hard candy, if their mouth is dry or they are thirsty. Lemon drops work nicely. We have our sharps containers attached to the side of the machines, so they are always handy.

    We use mannitol if they really lose their BP, and hypertonic saline (10ml) if they are cramping badly.

    If a "in" weight seems odd compared to the previous "in" weight, or the patient's last "post" weight, have them reweigh... double check.

    Hellllo pretty much covered everything, though. When you start, I know you'll still have a million questions, so we'll just be right here for you !

    Where exactly will you be going now in Az. Have you decided on a clinic there yet?

    Be sure to keep in touch and let us know how things are going for you, OK ? And remember... don't get discouraged... you WILL learn this !!!
    Take care !
  3. by   jmtmom
    Hey Jnette!

    You guys are so sweet!!! I really apreciate everyone's support.

    I won't be moving to AZ for another two years. It will be Phoenix area, but not sure which town (Mesa, Chandler, Glendale, etc.) Therefore I have not settled on a clinic. I'll narrow it down more as the time gets closer for the move and we find a house. Travel time is a factor. Don't want to have to make it to work in Litchfield if I live in Gilbert. So we'll see. Hoperfully I'll find a clinic I like that's not too far form the house we buy.

    My husband and I have been lookikng around out there, and I'm pretty sure we'll settle in the east valley. But who knows? A lot can happen in two years. I might end up in Tucson for all I know.