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Just started as a dialysis nurse. And as a nurse in general. Two weeks since I started. While first week was only computer now I learn to work on the floor as a pct for a first month and then the... Read More

  1. by   Hoosier_RN
    Quote from ms_vee
    Hi, I hope all is well with you. Off topic, but I meant to ask, is it required to have a solid medsurge nursing hospital experience to get in to Dialysis field? I'm a new RN as well with minimal experience.
    I haven't worked in an acute (hospital) setting in 10yrs. The company I work for says they feel like talent can be developed with the right people. Go for it! The worst that could happen is they don't hire you. But you never know until you try. Good luck!
  2. by   Calm_Down
    I am new to dialysis as well, I too am a bit disillusioned. I would like to do Acutes but the on-call requirements don't sound doable with a family and young children. The turf wars between techs and nurses are really disheartening.
  3. by   brabag
    How long were you an ICU nurse? I am starting as a new RN acutes . I have 10 years experience as an LVN. I am very nervous though .
  4. by   garygirl
    If you are considering acutes, ask those doing it now what their actual call is like. A lot depends on the docs and whether or not they are reasonable about it, along with the number of facilities you are expected to cover. Maybe it's only the one you work in. Are you also responsible for CRRT setups in the middle of the night if they clot? Do you do PD? In general, acutes w/call and a young family isn't easily possible. Chronics, though, with more regular hours, may require you to get to the clinic at 4AM. So, pick your poison.