Lvn....will we b needed n dialysis

  1. I was speaking with some recruiters, and one was telling me the Texas regs are changing for LVN and we may not be needed, (utilized) in this setting anymore...

    Does anyone have any information on this and where is the link I can go to to see how true this information is!!!???

    I love my job in dialysis.....and I believe I am great at it!!!

    The recruiter also told me the regs are not changing in the home dialysis what gives with that....
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  3. by   corky1272RN
    I haven't heard anything...but I really don't believe that. An LVN is an another license in the facility without paying extra for another RN. Ex. We have 12 chairs right now but if we open up 2 more chairs there has to be another license nurse for the 2 chairs. 3PCTs for the 12 chairs, an RN charge nurse, and another RN or an LVN for chairs #13/14.
  4. by   GeauxNursing
    Yea, I wouldn't worry about it. You can use an LVN as a pct AND a licensed person. So the company gets more bang for their buck. Instead of using 2 RNs (even when it might actually be needed) they can use an LVN (which takes patients AND can give meds) and an RN and save some money.
    RNs at my facility do not take patients. I, as an LVN, do. I have a full load every day. Then I do my meds, and assessments, and try to help the RNs on "doctor days" when there are lots of order changes. It's a lot of work, sometimes I think a little too much. I'm doing the work of 2!